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Watch Harry Styles Bring Shania Twain Up for Two Songs at Coachella

It was one of the biggest surprise appearances of the day

Harry Styles had of the most anticipated sets on Coachella’s first day. After starting off his set with a slew of ballads, he kicked up the tempo and even brought out Shania Twain.

The two performed debatably Twain’s biggest hits “Man, I Feel Like a Woman” and “You’re Still the One.” In between songs, Twain said she was “starstruck” by Styles and he said she’s the woman who taught him to sing. This isn’t the first time that Styles has covered Twain. He previously performed “You’re Still the One” with Kacey Musgraves at a show in New York City in 2018.

Harry Styles’ third solo album, Harry’s House, is out on May 20.