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Dr. Zwig Unveils Latest Single ‘Nowhere to be Found’

Dr. Zwig combines psychology and rock on his newest single
Dr Z
(Credit: Travis Shinn)

Dr. Zwig released a new single “Nowhere to be Found” in conjunction with a music video. For those unfamiliar with the rock artist, you may know him from other fields, as he’s a psychologist, musician, educator and author. He’s one of the very few people to hold a Ph.D. in clinical psychology while also being an accomplished songwriter.

Zwig’s latest single features the songwriter coming to terms with his pain and finding liberation through his journey of self-discovery. The track is reminiscent of Kevin Morby in its rustic guitar sound imbued with bluesy chords and introspective lyrics. The video narrative explores a man’s journey for his own purpose, portrayed largely in black and white.



“We’re all searching for something, but we often aren’t aware of what we truly seek,” Zwig said in a statement. “We pursue things we assume will make us happy, and when they don’t materialize, or fail to satisfy us, we’re distressed. But we overlook the fact that everything we want outwardly is a projection of something in our own psyche we need to connect with—a feeling, a mindset, a spirit of life… The video narrative takes us on a journey through a man’s search, failure, and reconnection with himself. The director, Laban, created a gorgeous black and white portrayal of the protagonist’s pain and subsequent liberation.”

Apart from his previously listed endeavors, Dr. Zwig also hosts a podcast, The Dr. Zwig Show, and is planning to release his latest book, Music in the Mayhem: Tales of Total Transformation from a Rock n Roll Psychotherapist, in the coming months.