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Bob Dylan Announces First New Book in 18 Years

Bob Dylan offers songwriting insight in his new book
Bob Dylan
(Credit: Dave J Hogan / Getty Images for ABA)

Bob Dylan unveiled plans to publish a new book via Simon & Schuester titled The Philosophy of Modern Song, coming November 8, 2022. According to a release, Dylan has been writing the book since 2010.

It offers an in-depth view of how Dylan views the songwriting process. From artists such as Nina Simone, Elvis Costello, Hank Williams, and Stephen Foster, Dylan breaks down the essentials of songwriting by analyzing the works of other artists in over 60 essays. The book covers a wide array of genres and promises to be laugh-out-loud funny.

This book marks Dylan’s first publication since the release of Dylan’s Chronicles Vol. 1, published in 2004. it also received a Nobel Prize for literature in 2016.

When asked about the book, Jonathan Karp (President of Simon & Schuester) says: “The publication of Bob Dylan’s kaleidoscopically brilliant work will be an international celebration of songs by one of the greatest artists of our time. The Philosophy of Modern Song could only have been written by Bob Dylan. His voice is unique, and his work conveys his deep appreciation and understanding of songs, the people who bring those songs to life, and what songs mean to all of us.”

In 2020, Dylan released his 39th studio album, Rough and Rowdy Ways. He’s currently on tour in support of that release.