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U2, Pixies, Foo Fighters and Taylor Swift Highlight Record Store Day 2022 Releases

Record Store Day is on April 23rd, with a planned 'safety net' date of June 18th incase supply chain issues arise.
Taylor Swift
Credit: Will Heath

Record Store Day has just released the list of exclusive pressings that will be available on April 23. In case supply chain issues get in the way of the planned date in April, a safety net’ date of June 18th was established as a backup.

This year returns to the normal Record Store Day format since there will be a single date instead of the two “Drop” dates that took place in 2020 and 2021.

Even with a single date, the list of exclusive releases is no less exciting. U2, Pixies, David Bowie Foo Fighters, Taylor Swift, David Bowie, St. Vincent, Prince, Stevie Nicks, and Lou Reed, among many more, will release limited edition vinyl.

Taylor Swift, the Record Store Day 2022 global ambassador, will release a seven-inch pressing of her bonus track “the lakes” from 2020’s folklore. U2 will celebrate the 4oth anniversary of A Celebration with an exclusive anniversary pressing.

With a full 10-page list of releases, listeners are sure to find something to draw them in line on April 23. The full list of releases is available on the record store day website here. 

Record stores across the nation will participate in this staple music-collecting event. A full list of participating stores is available on the Record Store Day website.