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Neil Young to Spotify Employees: ‘Get Out of That Place Before It Eats up Your Soul’

This feud won't die
Neil Young
(Credit: Niels van Iperen/Getty Images)

Neil Young isn’t letting go of his anti-Spotify sentiments just yet. In a post shared on his Neil Young Archives website, the rocker continued to rip Spotify and its CEO, Daniel Ek. He also encouraged Spotify employees to leave the streaming giant.

“To the workers at SPOTIFY, I say Daniel Ek is your big problem – not Joe Rogan. Ek pulls the strings. Get out of that place before it eats up your soul,” Young wrote. “The only goals stated by EK are about numbers – not art, not creativity.”

On top of taking yet another swipe at Spotify, Young also had a few choice words for big banks as well. In particular, in Young’s crosshairs, are Chase, Citi, Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

“To the baby boomers, I say 70 percent of the country’s financial assets are in your hands compared with just about 5 percent for millennials. You and I need to lead,” Young also wrote. “In our age of Climate Chaos, I say ditch the companies contributing to the mass fossil fuel destruction of Earth.”

A few weeks ago, Young pulled his music from his Spotify, sparking a chain reaction of artists who followed suit. Young threw down the gauntlet, challenging the streamer to choose between him and now-embattled podcaster Joe Rogan. As the days have worn on, the battle between Young and Spotify continues to shift between tackling misinformation and sound quality.

Young isn’t the only artist to voice his displeasure about the streamer. A number of artists told us why they’re upset about Spotify’s streaming rate, which you can check out here.