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Courtney Love Addresses Complicated Relationship With Mark Lanegan on Instagram, Deletes Post

She replaced the rant with a more simple tribute
Courtney Love
Rachel Luna / Stringer

Courtney Love and Mark Lanegan had a long, complicated relationship, some of which was documented in the late musician’s recent memoir Sing Backwards and Weep. A few days after news broke of his passing, Love took to Instagram to address his death, and gripe about how he portrayed her in his book.

“Rip mark. You were a good friend to me & Kurt,” she wrote on Instagram (via Stereogum). “even if in your book you wrote our close friendship out , I’m still baffled & so sad about that. But sigh. ‘market forces of sexism’ #. It is what it is.”

She then went on to slam her inclusion in Anthony Kiedis’ memoir too. “In #anthonykiedis’ book #scartissue despite us being roommates and hanging out ALOT & also in BED, for years previous to me begging Kurt not to kick @chilipeppers off the cow palace NYE 92 show due to @flea333 – whose never sold me out – generosity being the reason hole could even rehearse – in ‘ #scar tissue’ I first appear on Kurt’s arm? ‘whining’ ?” she continued. “Ok! Go sexist ‘market forces’!? You fucking dudes and your stupid fucking books. I’m finishing mine now so it’ll be riddled with lightning flashes of brutal truths & remembrances of all your little Weiners. So put your panties on cuz you’ll need them. I’m over taking your bs books where im a ‘whiny’ adjacent of mr cobain period, personally.”

Love has since deleted the post and replaced it with a much simpler tribute to the Screaming Trees singer. “safe travels lanegan” she wrote alongside a photo of herself and him. See that post below.


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Tributes have been pouring out since Lanegan’s death on Feb. 22. Eddie Vedder gave an emotional speech honoring his impact on the grunge scene while playing in Seattle. Read our full review of that show here.