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Bootsy Collins Has a Long History With the Bengals

Bootszilla has a prediction for the Big Game
Bootsy Collins
(Credit: Courtesy of Bootsy Collins)

(Editor’s Note: All of the Cincinnati Bengals fans are coming out in full support of their squad. Though that’s quite obvious since, you know, they’re in the Super Bowl, they can’t believe their team made it to the Big Game. After speaking with Andy Biersack earlier in the week, here’s fellow Cincinnati son Bootsy Collins reflecting on his favorite team. The bassist’s history goes back a loooooong way. His wife, Pepperminte Patti, was a Ben-Gal, during the team’s 1980s heyday. Here are his thoughts on the game, expressed in a way that only he can.)

Bootsy Collins:

It’s the year of the Tiger! Fear Da Tiger Super Bowl Edition, produced for our Cincinnati Bengals and inspired by our US Army soldiers, who volunteered to be a part of this song/video—reminds me of playing with my band.

We relied on each other to hit every note as one. Our soldiers must do the same everyday in unity, as one on the one!

My Prediction: Fire in the hole, we are going to Funk up the Super Bowl!

So there you have it. If you believe Bootsy Collins, then take the Bengals +4.5 (though ultimately it’s up to you) and get ready for some orange and black fireworks at SoFi Stadium

Bootsy also has a Bengals-inspired t-shirt on sale that benefits Madi’s House in Cincinnati. You can grab that here.