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Radiohead Side Project The Smile Unveil Second Single ‘The Smoke’

This is the Radiohead-side project's second studio recording
The Smile
(Credit: Alex Lake)

The Radiohead side-project, The Smile, previously announced their three consecutive shows at the end of the month at Magazine London. Ahead of those concerts, the band released another new song in the form of “The Smoke.”

Consisting of Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, and Tom Skinner, The Smile previously shared “You Will Never Work In Television,” at the beginning of the month. The accompanying lyric video for “The Smoke” was created by the BAFTA-winning writer and director Mark Jenkin.



In-person tickets have long been sold out, but tickets are still available for the three livestreams of The Smile’s set on January 29 and 30. The shows will take place across sixteen hours and three timezones, and fans can join in from anywhere around the world via the livestream, but they will also be streaming it at participating independent venues and cinemas across the U.S., UK, and Europe, via Rippla.

The livestream will be put together by award-winning directed Paul Dugdale and producer Driift as a film, which will showcase The Smile’s upcoming performance and unreleased material.


The Smile Live Stream Times

BROADCAST #1: London – 8pm Sat. / New York – 3pm Sat. / Los Angeles – 12pm Sat. / Sydney – 7am Sun. / Tokyo – 5am Sun.

BROADCAST #2: London – 1am Sun. / New York – 8pm Sat. / Los Angeles – 5pm Sat. / Sydney – 12pm Sun. / Tokyo – 10am Sun.

BROADCAST #3: London – 11am Sun. / New York – 6am Sun. / Los Angeles – 3am Sun. / Sydney – 10pm Sun. / Tokyo – 8pm Sun.