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R.E.M. Release Newly Restored Version of ‘Electrolite’ Video

'New Adventures in Hi-Fi 25th Anniversary Edition' was released on October 29 this year
(Credit: Chris Bilheimer)

In further celebration of R.E.M.‘s recently released New Adventures in Hi-Fi 25h Anniversary Edition, the iconic rockers just released a newly HD-restored video for “Electrolite.”



“Electrolite” is the closing track of the band’s September 1996 release, the 14-track New Adventures in Hi-Fi. The record’s 25th anniversary edition was released on October 29 this year, via Craft Recordings.

“‘Electrolite,’ I didn’t want to put it on the album, I didn’t think it was good enough,” frontman Michael Stipe said in NAIHF‘s liner notes. “I thought it was simplistic and obvious, and I didn’t see the beauty or the poetry in it. And of course later I realized what an astonishing song it is. But it took me a while to come around to that.”

The band previously released a restored video of “New Test Leper,” prior to the 25th Anniversary Edition‘s release in October.

“But what I really liked was the way that Michael sort of kept his center in the middle of it all, and kept compassion and a kindness and an openness,” Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke said in NAIHF‘s liner notes. “Because there’s no way you could write something as sort of weirdly joyful and light on its feet like ‘Electrolite,’ without still having some grounding. My absolute favorite R.E.M. song is ‘Electrolite.’ And second favorite is ‘E-Bow The Letter.'”