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5 Albums I Can't Live Without

5 Albums I Can’t Live Without: Danny Klein, SPIN Creative Director

Credit: Blake Mohr

Name Danny Klein

Best known for  Creative Director, SPIN. Recording artist Robot Sunrise. Optimist.

Current city  Los Angeles

Really want to be in The Indian Ocean, surfing the Mentawai Islands.

Excited about  Robot Sunrise. doll machine. dreamfreak. Indie electronic festivals, SCIFIGHTER, Off the Grid.

My current music collection has a lot of Electronic music.

And a little bit of Shoegaze, synthwave, hip hop.

Don’t judge me for Listening to the same loop or track over and over. And over.

Preferred format  Vinyl for the warmth, experience and visuals. Streaming cause it’s all there.




5 Albums I Can’t Live Without



The Austrian electronic duo paints aural mindscapes that transport. The sound of peace and harmony hurling together into a void, breaking into pieces, then coming back together.


The SuburbsArcade Fire

We’re there. At the house. In the neighborhood. On the streets. Drifting into nothingness. Feeling everything. High hopes, but with that unshakeable veil of reality. Pure coming of age. Hopes. Dreams. Everything is possible. I think I once looped this record for 48 straight hours while traveling.



A time lapse of emotions. They lost themselves, rediscovered who they were and wanted to be, and then transformed. This incredible work is their journey but it feels like it’s ours, too. It’s got all of us in it.


Moon Safari

Moon Safari is a brilliantly syncopated orchestral, downtempo dream floating on a cloud-shaped Rhodes keyboard. All you have to do is press play.



Listening to Amniotic is a grounding, centering journey. Once it settles you, it will lift you up. And you’re a better person than you were before listening.



Honorable Mentions:
Music Has the Right to Children
Boards of Canada

First time hearing this gem of humanity was at Sway in the Lower East Side, 1999. The album wraps its arms around you, then slowly elevates you into outer space.



Led Zeppelin III
Led Zeppelin

This album sounds like a solid gold unicorn flying through the clouds, wearing a leather jacket, drinking ice cold beers. At times messy. At times beautiful. All heart, everywhere.



A rare moment where the Swedish metal band does not scream, does not break. Pure, unexpected beauty.