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15 Minute Live Performances

15 Minute Live Performances: TRISHES

Trishes 15 minutes

Music has always played a major role in TRISHES‘ life. Whether it was as a toddler in Trinidad or spending her formative years in the U.S., she has always been performing.

In our recent Day in the Life feature, she explained that after she performed at a talent show in middle school, she realized that music was her calling. “People were just so affected by the performance that I started to understand that I could move people,” she said. “I could make them feel things.”

Recently, TRISHES released her debut album, The Id, which had been in the works for several years. Lyrically, she explores self-identity over what she calls “experimental minimalist beat-driven pop.” She self-released, co-produced, and wrote nearly the entire album with co-conspirator Hakan Mavruk. Her unique style shines on songs like “Venom” and “Big Sunglasses.”

Today, TRISHES is the latest artist to perform as part of our ongoing 15 Minute Live Performances series. She joins UPSAHL, KANDLE, the Grammy-nominated Cha WaSam HimselfRozziNick WaterhouseDominique Fils-AiméSub-RadioCedric BurnsideNaia IzumiGrace WeberIndia Carney, Kate Vargas and STACEY to showcase their talents. Our last 15 Minute Live Performance featured singer-songwriter John R. Miller, which you can see here.