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Jónsi Announces Third Album Obsidian

Jónsi's art installation of the same name will open in New York on October 30
Credit: Courtesy the artist and Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York/Los Angeles. Photo: Paul Salveson

Surprise! Jónsi is releasing his third studio album Obsidian, tomorrow, October 30.

Coinciding with his art installation of the same name, Obsidian was co-produced and mixed by Paul Corley (Yves Tumor, Oneohtrix Point Never, Ben Frost, Koreless) and Nathan Salon. The record follows Jónsi’s sophomore album Shiver that released last year.

Obsidian and its installation were inspired by the recent eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland. Having lay dormant for nearly eight hundred years, Jónsi was unable to return to his homeland and witness the rare phenomenon. The ten-track record gives each title a reference to sights, textures, and aromas of the ashen terrain.

The founding member of Sigur Rós’ exhibit is open from October 30 until December 17 at the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery in New York. The installment marks his second solo exhibition.

Prior to Obsidian‘s release, Jónsi contributed the entirety of the motion picture score for Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse via Amazon Original this year.

Obsidian Track List

1. Vikur
2. Ambrox
3. Kvika
4. Pyralone
5. Obsidian
6. Cypriol
7. Eyja
8. Öskufall
9. Vetiverol
10. Hedione