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Jeff Tweedy and TV Priest Unveil Previously Unheard Tracks With Sub Pop Singles Club

Sub Pop's series only offers 1,000 subscriptions
Jeff Tweedy and TV Priest
Alexa Viscius

Jeff Tweedy is the latest artist to contribute to Sub Pop Singles Club. The Wilco frontman shared a pair of singles titled “C’mon America” and “UR-60 Unsent.”

The Sub Pop series includes limited, subscription-only singles by an eclectic array of artists including John Waters, Duma, LIDS, Washed Out, Hand Habits, BNH Deluxe, among others. The Wilco frontman contributed his two tracks from separate batches of previously unreleased material.


In addition to Tweedy, TV Priest shared a pair of new singles as part of the Singles Club.

“‘All Thing’ is a subversion of the Anglo Saxon word for parliament or meeting (Althing or Thing),” TV Priest’s Charlie Drinkwater says. “It asks questions about the power of groupthink and ideas of nationhood that have become static, non-inclusive, and singular.”


The nearly sold-out series only offers 1,000 subscriptions, and fans can subscribe on Sub Pop’s website. You can also listen to the running Singles Club Playlist on Spotify.

This past year saw the launch of Tweedy’s—a two-time New York Times’ Best Seller—Substack Newsletter, Starship Casual. TV Priest is set to open for A Place To Bury Strangers on their North American tour in early 2022.