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Adele to Release New Song ‘Easy on Me’

Multi-platinum singer's first song in six years is out on October 15

A few days after billboards popped across some cities that had 30 written on them, eagle-eyed sleuths hoped that meant that Adele would be returning. Lo behold, the singer is indeed returning.

On Tuesday morning, the Grammy-winning singer posted a teaser on social media for her newest track “Easy On Me” out October 15.

See it below.

In the teaser, Adele appears in an old car, pops a cassette in, and shoots us her unmistakable eyes beneath bold eyeliner in the rearview. Her arm making waves in the wind out of the window as she drives off, a ballad-sounding piano (big surprise, right?) presumably kicks in “Easy On Me,” and loads of sheet music fly out the back window. We hope that isn’t the sheet music for her newest record, but she drives off until the 21 (no pun intended) second teaser is over.

It’s been nearly seven years since the release of Adele’s latest record, 25, and her fans around the world have been patiently waiting for her newest sound. She hosted Saturday Night Live this time last year.

This is also the first time in nine months Adele has tweeted, keeping her newest record and personal life under wraps until now. Taking a social media break is probably what most of us need, and especially someone like Adele, but we can expect her to share more in the foreseeable future.