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KISS Continues to Raise Larger-than-Life Funds for Crew Nation

Rock and roll band KISS is far more than just long tongues and painted faces. In fact, these days, the band’s performances are rooted in spectacular philanthropy. The legendary Hall of Fame inductees have partnered with world-renowned performance artist David Garibaldi to raise funds for Crew Nation – a charity providing monetary grants to crew members facing hardship during the pandemic. To make this happen, they’ll be offering tons of lucky fans a gift of pyrotechnic proportions.

“…We are incredibly grateful to be partnering with Crew Nation, as we continue to do our part in helping support the music industry & live music crews,” said KISS.

After raising over $600,000 on the initial portion of their End of the Road Tour, KISS was more than happy to invite back enthusiastic artist David Garibaldi as their opening act. During every performance, August 18 through October 9, Garibaldi will rapidly and rhythmically paint live, on-stage portraits of the Brobdingnagian band. These masterpieces will then be signed and granted to winners who, at the concert, had the opportunity to donate $10 to Crew Nation; the sweepstakes has kindly been brought to life by leading fundraising-platform Prizeo.

“Prizeo is proud to be partnering again with KISS and David Garibaldi, this time raising funds for Crew Nation,” said Charity Network Vice President Nichol Carlson. “Our friends in the music industry were among the workers most impacted by the global lockdowns over the last 18 months, and we welcome the opportunity to help these incredible members of the live touring industry as they turn the lights back on.”

KISS, longtime lovers of their dedicated fanbase and diligent stage/venue crews, have been relentless in their efforts to bring bliss to both. Now, on the North American stops of their End of the Road Tour, they’ve made it their mission to give back in a spectacular way.

“We are thrilled to be giving the KISS Army the ultimate celebration with our biggest and best shows yet,” said the band. “The End of The Road Tour would not be possible without our hardworking crews.”

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