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Josh Klinghoffer’s Pluralone Unveils Two New Songs From Upcoming 7-Inch

Josh Klinghoffer
Credit: Emily Ulmer

The past year and a half has been quite prolific for Josh Klinghoffer. Departing Red Hot Chili Peppers in December 2019 could have derailed him, but Klinghoffer has been on a tear ever since. Even during the pandemic, Klinghoffer was busy working on his own music as Pluralone in addition to joining Pearl Jam as a touring member and as a guitarist in Eddie Vedder‘s new band, which debuted at Ohana Festival last Friday.

Ahead of his first live Pluralone performance, Klinghoffer has a pair of new songs to share titled “Across the Park” and “Sevens.”




“Once again, the way the ball bounces, as they say, these songs were the last ones from the I Don’t Feel Well period,” Klinghoffer told SPIN via email. “‘Across The Park’ is a song about a famous relationship gone horrendously wrong. Life never stops being frightfully surprising, does it? The music (all apart from the bass) was recorded on my Tascam cassette 8-track at home. Oh, and it features beyond beautiful strings written and arranged by Nate Walcott!

“‘Sevens’ was written the same night as the song ‘Obscene,’ for people who know my songs, after a phone call with Danger Mouse about coming up with ideas for the RHCP,” he continued. “I went outside and wrote those two. What was I thinking??? Proof positive this shit just comes to ya. Can’t control it. Can’t control anything. Must keep reminding myself of that. Jack Irons on the drum set here. He’s a genius.”

The songs will be available on a 7″ vinyl this year, along with a pair of additional 7″ releases that feature B-sides which were previously released digitally on the Mother Nature EP. You can preorder them here.