On the Record: José González’s Local Valley

Artist: José González

Album: Local Valley

Number of Tracks: 13

Label: Mute/City Slang

Release Date: September 17, 2021

From a park in Gothenburg, Sweden, after a day in the sun with longtime partner Hannele Fernström and their two small children, José González took a leisurely evening stroll and spoke with us about Local Valley, his fourth solo album and his first in English, Spanish and Swedish. With Local Valley, his music—defined by artful beats and poetic lyrics—evolves into something lighthearted and wonderful, yet still masterful and epic, sometimes delightfully unexpected. As with all he does, José’s sincerity shines through.

“In a way, I’m always trying to write and record music that has a touch of universal themes and melodies, but also try to stand out, try to find something that will feel unique. I’ve put a lot of effort into reading a lot this time and to incorporate the words and meanings that relate to bigger thinkers than me,” José says, with a light laugh. “Maybe that’s something that translates. I don’t know. I think it’s a matter of taste.”

José González goes “On the Record” with us to discuss the incredible lightness of Local Valley.


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