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Listen to the Dying Light 2 Stay Human Theme from BAFTA-Nominated Composer Olivier Derivière

In 2015, Techland set a new standard for zombie games with the release of Dying Light. Almost 7 years later, we’re finally nearing the release of the much-anticipated (and delayed) sequel that promises to expand on the undead-parkour gameplay that so many fans fell in love with on the first release.

But as we inch closer to the February 4 launch date for Dying Light 2 Stay Human, we’ve got an exclusive first peek at the main theme for the game. Created by BAFTA-nominated French composer Olivier Derivière (A Plague Tale: InnocenceVampyrGreedfall), the “Run, Jump, Fight” sets the intense tone for the post-apocalyptic title.

Dying Light 2 is by far my most ambitious game music project to date,” Derivière says in a statement. “It has been an amazing journey working with Techland on creating the unique soundscape of the game and pushing boundaries for open-world music design. During this process, collaborating with the London Contemporary Orchestra and recording their unique sound was a great honor, and with the addition of a custom-built instrument — the Electric Psaltery — I believe players will experience a musical in-game journey they won’t forget.”

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is very dynamic, and gameplay is an incredibly important part of the game,” Techland Creative Director Adrian Ciszewski adds. “But we cannot forget the impact the soundtrack has on creating in-game atmosphere. That’s why we’ve been working with Olivier to combine these two elements, so that our music won’t just be a background, but rather a companion alongside which the player will explore The City. It supports narrative by generating nostalgia in certain moments, encourages bravery in battles by adding to the adrenaline with the right tunes, and energizes the player, pushing them to try harder as they parkour through the roofs. This close collaboration between us has led to the sound developing in line with our artistic vision of what we’re going to see on the screen and blending in with it perfectly. It was an ambitious project, yes, but we had a lot of fun, and seeing the end result has definitely made it worth the effort.”

Check out the brand new theme for Dying Light 2 Stay Human below.