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Listen to Patti Smith’s New Live at Electric Lady EP

Patti Smith is back from when the world ended in 2012, or the last year she released new music. This morning she dropped her newest recordings as a part of Live at Electric Lady, Spotify and Electric Lady Studios’ new series of live EPs. Smith sweetly surprised us all, nine years after her record Banga.

“We are very proud to be part of Spotify’s Live at Electric Lady series, our favorite recording studio,” Smith said in a statement. “It was a unique challenge and offered us an exciting and innovative platform.”

Smith recorded the EP live in April at Electric Lady, singing her own classics “Birdland,” “Ghost Dance,” and “Broken Flag.” Carrying on “Birdland” for nine minutes just like the original recording, Smith embodies equal emotion 46 years later. Off her 1978 Easter, the new Electric Lady “Ghost Dance” could have very well been recorded in ‘78, Smith bringing the same raspy chants and sermon-like cries. Not even age can stop Patti Smith, as she shows no signs of slowing down, or rather, she shows no signs that she would ever let anything slow her down.

Participants of the series are also encouraged to perform cover songs of artists connected to Electric Lady, and Smith paid homage to Bob Dylan and Stevie Wonder by performing  “One Too Many Mornings” and  “Blame it on the Sun.” The famous Electric Lady Studios was originally commissioned by the Ladyland President himself, Jimi Hendrix, in 1968. Smith recorded her debut album Horses in 1975 within the same walls, as did Wonder with his 1972 Talking Book. Dylan has also spent time hanging out there, because if you’re a legend you just do, right?

“We are grateful to Spotify for their generous support and willingness to present a live performance with all its possibilities of risk and revelation,” Smith says.

Listen to Smith’s > Live at Electric Lady on Spotify below.

Check out the tracklisting below:

Patti Smith – Live at Electric Lady EP:

April Fool

Ghost Dance

Blame it on the Sun (Stevie Wonder)

Broken Flag


One Too Many Mornings (Bob Dylan cover)

Peaceable Kingdom