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On the Record

On the Record: Martha Wainwright’s Love Will Be Reborn

Artist: Martha Wainwright

Album: Love Will Be Reborn

Number of tracks: 11

Label: Cooking Vinyl

Release Date: August 20, 2021

There’s a definite power in sharing personal stories of discovering a new strength through tough times. That’s what Martha Wainwright boldly and beautifully shares with us on her fifth studio album, Love Will Be Reborn, her first since 2016’s Goodnight City. From the initial moments of the title track, we know we’re in for an exquisitely moving and masterful ride, marked by a songwriter whose earned her reputation for uncompromised artistry, and who is clearly reaching a new phase of love and humanness, reflected in her new music. 

If “Love Will Be Reborn”—written during an especially difficult time, in its entirety, within ten or fifteen minutes—evokes solitude and sadness, other tracks like “Hole In My Heart” mark the brighter, spread-your-wings side of metamorphosis. The album isn’t afraid to honor all of it. The result is a triumph.

Martha Wainwright goes “On the Record” with us to discuss her personal story of transformation that brought her to Love Will Be Reborn.

Cover Love Will Be Reborn
On the Record: Martha Wainwright’s Love Will Be Reborn

What’s your personal story that brought you to make this album?
A very hard few years and then a very good few. A terrible divorce and then a new relationship, but more than that it was a transformation that I went through. A shedding of the past and an open-mindedness to new possibilities. Also, I’ve watched my kids grow from little children to big kids and they’ve done it so well and with such intelligence that I thought…if these guys can be so mature then I should try and be as good as they are.

Why does the world need Love Will Be Reborn now?
It’s the story and the reflection of a woman deep in her midlife—that’s not what’s topping the charts. I think we need to hear about these things. Often when women get older they begin to feel invisible and as much as I like cooking I don’t really feel like being pushed back into the kitchen.

Is there a story behind the title?
It’s the title track and the track that best expresses the album in its entirety.

Who deserves special credit for making this album happen?
Me, of course, but also the musicians. These guys really added a lot to the songs and made them come alive in a way I couldn’t do without them.

What are you most proud of on this record?
The scope and the honesty.

What makes this album different from your others?
It sounds different. It’s my voice, yes, and the songs are distinctly mine but I’ve changed. I’ve evolved. It’s more thought out. Thanks also to the producer.

What’s your favorite song on the record?
“Report Card.” It’s a clear view into something that has been very painful and that I feel I need to be able to talk about.