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15 Minute Live Performances

15 Minute Live Performances: Cedric Burnside

Cedric Burnside @ Royal Records

Cedric Burnside is redefining country music. The son of blues drummer Calvin Jackson and the grandson of Mississippi blues legend R.L. Burnside, there’s no doubt he inherited his distinctive North Mississippi Hill Country Blues sound, while giving his more modern take a flavor of his funk, rock, soul, and hip-hop influences. The result is soulful blues, honest and powerful. Playing and on tour with his grandfather since his early teen years, his new album I Be Trying (released in June), is a 13-track manifesto devoted to life and love in the American South, songs so direct and stripped down it’s impossible to deny Cedric’s innate talent as a performer, as you’ll see here, in his exclusive 15-minute performance.

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