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SPIN Daybreaker: Peach Fuzz

Another whirlwind of a week is coming to a close and there’s lots to reflect on and hopefully learn from. Just like life, any themes explored through music can all be classified as moments to find something new and exciting about ourselves. This week, the roundup is the epitome of discovering music to discover yourself. It is an amalgamation of all the best emotions we encounter in this lifetime: angst, self-absorption, selflessness, curiosity, love, confusion, confidence, you get it. These artists are setting the new standards of music – that is, blurring the lines, doing what they want, and focusing their attention to expressing themselves wholeheartedly instead of trying to create more boundaries for creativity to adhere to. They’re truly making the industry embrace what it is to be brilliantly abstract and freeform.

This roundup brings a balance of indie alt-rock, psych-pop, alt-R&B, and hip-hop. Highlights this week include the new Aussie kids on the psychedelic block, The Lazy Eyes, who deliver some creamy and fuzzy mental distortion on “The Island,” Moody UK grunge-pop band on the rise, L’objectif who satisfy the alt-rock craving with the melodically conversational “Burn Me Out,” and London’s grungy R&B powerhouse Aziya, who effortlessly creates an edgy feminine landscape in “Heaven For Me.”

If there’s any inspiration to take from this playlist, it’s the simple reminder that we, as a collective are alive – which you have to admit (even if we are blind to that fact), is pretty damn cool. So go ahead, put this mix on and swim into those golden moments of conscious clarity that music never fails to put us through. As always, sit back, relax, and discover with SPIN Daybreaker. Keep up with all the new artists and let us know who you would like to be featured in our weekly roundup by following us on socials! (IG/FB/Twitter)