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Amen Dunes Releases New Single ‘Feel Nothing,’ Signs With Sub Pop

Amen Dunes, the project of rock-songwriter Damon McMahon, has shared a new single “Feel Nothing,” his first new song release since 2018. Additionally, the artist also inked a deal with Sub Pop.

“Feel Nothing” combines hurt lyrics with a chill synth beat, bringing in a little more life around the four and a half minute mark which is said to represent the rhythm-heavy next chapter in Amen Dunes’ sound. On both ends of the listening spectrum, it is quite a cool creation that enlists Sleaford Mods and Panoram in its making.

Listen to “Feel Nothing” below.



Freedom, the last album release, was a breakthrough moment for McMahon.

A remix of Freedom‘s closing track “L.A.” was released in 2019 with London-based artist Westerman. But since then, fans had heard nothing from Amen Dune’s social media until McMahon teased “Feel Nothing” one week ago.

McMahon announced his signing to Sub Pop Worldwide with this new song release, posting to his social media “Feel Nothing, first song in three years, produced by @arielrechtshaid, music by @sleafordmods and Panoram is out today on @subpop. Big love to them 4 & 2 all of u.”