A Day in the Life of…Blood Lemon

If you somehow don’t know alt-rock Blood Lemon, here are some quick facts. They are singer/guitarist Lisa Simpson, singer/bassist Melanie Radford and percussionist Lindsey Lloyd. Boise, Idaho-based. Formed in 2018. 90s-Riot-Grrrl inspired. Not afraid of heavy riffs (or getting political). Their self-titled debut came out a few months ago, and it’s a powerhouse of an album.

And, perhaps most importantly, if there’s a zombie apocalypse—find them. Once you hear their music, which is unapologetic hard rock ‘n roll, you’ll immediately assess that these three women have the ability to adapt, kick-ass, and endure under pretty much any given circumstance. (Plus, as you’ll see below, Lindsey keeps Swedish fish on hand…)

Their single “One More Time” is about taking an inner look at the cycles that lead to self-destruction—and has a really cool animated video to go along with it. All three of us ladies LOVE sci-fi (especially Star Trek) so we were excited to create a unique sci-fi story that captured the chaotic vibe of the song,” Melanie explains. “I realized that the changes in the song lined up almost perfectly with the three-act structure writers use to tell satisfying stories. I love science fiction, so this is a love letter to the genre.” 



Here’s a day in the life of the three women from Blood Lemon.

Date March 16, 2021

Time I woke up
8:00 a.m. A bird is building a nest in the eaves outside my window and I wake up every morning like clockwork to its busy body fluttering around. Seriously, that bird keeps a schedule. — Lindsey

7:30-ish — Lisa

8:50 a.m. — Melanie

Every day starts with
Email and oatmeal. — Lindsey

My daughter waking me up (or vice versa). — Lisa

Cats on top of me. — Melanie


To get going I always
Go running for 20-30 minutes. — Lindsey

Have some Earl Grey tea. — Lisa

Sit with one (or both) of my cats, drink coffee, and devise a game plan. — Melanie


I don’t feel dressed without
My favorite gray scarf. Our house was built in 1905 so it’s a bit drafty. — Lindsey

My contact lenses. — Lisa

Wearing the rings my great-grandfather gave me. Otherwise, my hands feel completely naked. — Melanie


Before I start working I must
Listen to the news. — Lindsey

Get to my computer. — Lisa

Take deep breaths and streeeeeetch. — Melanie


Currently working on
Plans to redo the flooring in the sunroom. COVID’s given me a lot of time to learn how to do home upgrades. — Lindsey

My day job, writing case management plans. — Lisa

Being more present with the life around me during this pandemic. It’s hard not to be in my head all the time. — Melanie


But I’d really love to be
Visiting friends and family, touring, traveling, seeing LIVE music, giving lots of hugs. Staying home has been ROUGH. — Lindsey

Working on some new songs. — Lisa

On tour, playing shows. I miss touring and I miss exploring new music communities. — Melanie


Book I’m reading
Harriet Beecher Stowe: A Biography by Noel B. Gerson, and The Best of Simple by Langston Hughes. I’ve been lucky enough to live near a Little Free Library where I’ve borrowed all of my books during the past year. — Lindsey

The Stand by Stephen King and Face It by Debbie Harry. — Lisa

One Last Song by Mike Ayers. It’s a compilation book where multiple musicians answer the question “What song would you listen to before you die?” — Melanie


I don’t know how anyone ever
Survives morning rush-hour traffic. — Lindsey

Eats sushi. — Lisa

Lives without community radio like Radio Boise <3. — Melanie


If I had to play one album on repeat, it would be
ABBA’s Gold and CCR’s Chronicle if I need to move around. Ani DiFranco’s Living in Clip for everything else. — Lindsey

Doolittle by the Pixies or Blue Horse by The Be Good Tanyas. — Lisa

Circuital by My Morning Jacket. It just makes me feel good. — Melanie


The perfect midday consists of
Uninterrupted practice and a short nap. — Lindsey

Lunch break. — Lisa

Going on a walk along the Green Belt (in Boise). — Melanie


To help get through the day I need
A short walk with my honey and some Swedish fish. — Lindsey

A second cup of Earl Grey. — Lisa

A goal to achieve…or a nap. — Melanie


Not a day goes by without speaking to
One of my besties, Jason. And, of course, the lovely ladies of Blood Lemon. — Lindsey

Myself, all the damn time. — Lisa

My partner, Taylor. — Melanie


My daydreams consist of
Buying a hobby farm and inviting everyone I love to come live with me. — Lindsey

Being caught up. — Lisa

Playing shows and mastering that one bass riff I’ve been obsessing over for some time. — Melanie


In a perfect day, in a perfect world
I would have more time. — Lindsey

It’s 75 degrees, I have no obligations. — Lisa

We’d be living in the Star Trek universe. — Melanie


I’ll always fight for
Equality and respect. Let’s all just be decent human beings already. — Lindsey

My family, my friends, my community. — Lisa

Equality and equity for all people and policies to stop our climate crisis. — Melanie


Currently in love with
Our new speaker system that we installed around the house. We can now listen simultaneously to the same song in every room. — Lindsey

Legos and Star Trek. — Lisa

Tuvok from Star Trek Voyager (sorry, Tay). — Melanie


Hoping to make time to watch
Dune. Whenever it finally comes out. — Lindsey

All the sci-fi and fantasy stuff saved in my “lists.”— Lisa

Moxie (a movie everyone is telling me to see). — Melanie


By my bedside I always have
My trusty water bottle. Must. Stay. Hydrated. — Lindsey

Something to drink and my phone. — Lisa

Empty glasses I haven’t washed or put away yet. — Melanie


To help get through the night I
Read a little and then fall asleep talking to my husband. — Lindsey

Have my super soft blanket and a fan going for white noise. — Lisa

Let Taylor put on some calming music while I *immediately* fall asleep. — Melanie


Midnight. Always midnight. I’d love to go to bed earlier, but evening is when I tend to feel the most awake. — Lindsey

Around 12 a.m. — Lisa

Cats are back on top of me. — Melanie


When I think about tomorrow, it’s always
Hopeful. And one day closer to starting my garden for the season! — Lindsey

What time I have to wake up, and what’s going on. — Lisa

Oh, god, I forgot about tomorrow… — Melanie


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