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15 Minute Live Performances

15 Minute Live Performances: STACEY

This week’s edition of 15 Minute Live Performances features rising singer-songwriter STACEY. (Watch previous sets from UPSAHL, KANDLECha WaRozzi and Nick Waterhouse and Dominique Fils-Aimé)

Melding elements of the sun-soaked ’60s psych-pop with modern sensibilities, along with a knack for strong description in her lyrics, Stacey is the rare artist who can balance the past and present without sounding too nostalgic. This is demonstrated succinctly on her new album, Saturn Return, released in May.

With tunes like “Strange,” “Far Away” and “The Songwriter” showcase her adept songwriting. Accessible but image-evoking, STACEY’s songs roar with energy.

Just like the other artists who have stunned in their 15 Minute Live Performances, expect this to be the start of something big for STACEY. Doubt us? Well, watch for yourself below…