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Tyler, The Creator Drops New Song and Video, ‘WUSYANAME’

Tyler the Creator

Tyler, the Creator is a chameleonic artist, reinventing himself with a new persona that embodies each album’s particular aesthetic. For the newest identity on his upcoming album, Call Me If You Get Lost, Tyler adopts the surname Baudelaire, likely either after the 19th century French poet of the same name or the Baudelaire family from Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. The name appears on the fictional ID on the album cover and is the only text in his Twitter bio, though we can’t know for sure his intentions until the album comes out.

With the announcement of his new album came a teaser video and its first single “LUMBERJACK,” and he’s been teasing other snippets and art on his social media to heighten the anticipation.

Today, he dropped “WUSYANAME,” another single with an accompanying self-directed video ahead of the album’s release this Friday (June 25). It depicts the rapper and producer driving into a town where he spots a girl that instantly enamors him. He tries to introduce himself and fantasizes his life with her as she continues to walk on, disregarding his advances before the video abruptly stops and the “Call me if you get lost” logo appears as its jingle plays, just like in the other videos released for the album.

Check out the video below.