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SPIN Sets Presents: LP Giobbi

A symbol and advocate for gender equality, female empowerment, non-conformity, love, and perseverance, LP Giobbi has been taking the electronic world by storm with her music and iron will. Always on the move and leading by example, she is a proud woman that does it all. When she’s not in the studio producing or performing soul-illuminating DJ sets, she’s an activist, creative director, and leader of FEMME HOUSE – an educational platform she founded to address the lack of representation and equity in electronic music by empowering women as artistic creators. Read on as one of the the brightest lights and contributing voices in the music sphere stops by to chat with SPIN about breaking constructs, building resilience in the music industry, creating FEMME HOUSE, and so much more. Be sure to check out her latest remix of Lastlings’ Single ‘False Reactions’ here.



Who is LP Giobbi and what do you stand for?

I am a Producer / DJ / Keyboardist who stands for joy and being a conduit for other people to find their joy! I am also an advocate for women, trans, non-binary and other marginalized gender expressions.


Tell us about your sound – where does your style originate from and what have been your biggest visual, social, and sonic influences?

I went to school for Jazz Piano Performance so I like to incorporate beautiful piano progressions over house tracks. I was also raised by Dead Heads so the jam band ethos has had a huge influence on how I look at dance music when sitting down to make a track or put together a set.


Was there a definitive turning point to your success? When did you realize the magnitude of your impact within the industry/community?

I put out a song during the pandemic with Little Boots called Meet Again and that was my first track to really connect with people on a larger level. Right when it came out I received a letter from a woman who had lost her baby to SIDS and she told me that the first time she heard my song, the lyrics made her think about meeting her baby again one day and she took a moment to let it out and feel it and cry. And she thanked me for that with the most beautiful letter and necklace. That moment was a turning point for me because it reinforced why I do this and what is important. Connecting with other people through my music means everything to me whether that is on a small or large scale. I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to put out music and have other people take from it what they need.


Being a proud feminist and advocate for gender equality, you’ve dedicated your career to also reflect this passionate point of view, which led you to create FEMME HOUSE – How did this idea come to fruition?

I was in a band playing synthesizers and sound designing before I became a producer. During that experience I read an article that Grimes produced her own records and a light bulb went off for me. I subconsciously didn’t think I could have that role because I didn’t see myself in that role. And then I started questioning what else I didn’t think I could be because of lack of visual representation in that space. I became dead set on being what Grimes was to me to other people. As I started my journey into production I always knew I wanted to create a safe space to pay it forward and pass on any knowledge I could and that is Femme House.


How did the process in developing FEMME HOUSE change you artistically, spiritually, mentally, etc?

It is the thing that keeps me going. It is the thing that reminds me why I work so hard. It is the thing that continues to inspire me and remind me that there are so many amazing, talented, wonderful humans out in the world!


What advice would you give all creatives that are struggling to build resilience whilst developing a project within a cut-throat industry?

Impose Your Will! It is so easy to let fear deter you and to start questioning if you are good enough. But you are good enough and sometimes you just have to put your head down and move through those thoughts. Acknowledge them and then tell them good riddance – not today! I was NOT a good producer when I started. If I focused on my end goal it felt overwhelming and unattainable, but when I focused on laying one good brick a day and doing what I could in that day by opening up Ableton and writing and watching tutorials and teaching myself, then I knew the wall would eventually get built.


As we’re looking ahead seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, how are you planning to propel your career forward in 2021?

I am finally starting to tour which allows me to share my music to a dance floor and be a part of something greater than myself which is what it is all about!8. Is there anything on the horizon that you can share with us?
I have a bunch of remixes and originals coming out throughout the rest of the year and I’m playing a ton of festivals including Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and ACL! Femme House is also launching, in partnership with She Is The Music, She Is The Producer which will be a focused 4 week program in production sponsored by Abelton!


What do you wish for the future of electronic music? In what ways would you like to see it evolve?

I wish to see more diversity in festival lineups, Spotify Editorial playlists, label releases etc. I feel very optimistic about all of that as Femme House has had the opportunity to work and partner with a lot of powerful gatekeepers in this industry who are working to bring awareness into this space. Companies like Insomniac, Spotify, Moog, Ableton and Native Instruments have taken the initiative to reach out to us and put on events, provide gear or create educational opportunities to make a difference.


Any last words for the SPIN-verse?


Check out LP Giobbi’s Set below. Want more SETS? Head over to SPIN TV to keep up with all the latest and greatest DJs breaking the electronic charts.