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SPIN Daybreaker: Violet Lounge

Here we meet again at our not-so-secret weekly rendezvous, and boy are we back with loads of new music for you to discover and rummage through. This week’s playlist is bringing some rhythmic lounge vibes that’ll pair with your mood perfectly when you’re working, studying, cooking dinner with bae, or kicking back with some friends in an intimate setting. It is a concentrated collection of the best rising R&B, soul-tronic, neo-soul, and alt-pop artists that have saucy musicality, emotive lyricism, and sonic storytelling on lock.

Highlights this week include South Londoner Sasha Keable, that is no newcomer to creating some of the most relatable and soulful acoustic love songs – which her latest single “Exception,” is a true testament of her pure songwriting capabilities. The next artist in this week’s limelight is the artist that cannot be pinned down, Genesis Owusu, who keeps shape-shifting and completely decimating any genre boundaries in the funk-filled “Same Thing.” Owusu is also on our list of the 30 best albums of 2021 (so far) so he’s one you should definitely have on your radar. The last spotlight this week belongs to Venezuelan band Rawayana, who creates a refreshing blend of soul, jazz, and down-tempo salsa, in the hypnotic “Discúlpeme Usted,” that’ll have you dancing from side to side for the entire 8:28 minutes of its transportive musical journey.

This one is for all those moments you want to keep calm, cool, collected, and energetically charged. As always, sit back, relax, and discover with SPIN Daybreaker. Keep up with all the new artists and let us know who you would like to be featured in our weekly roundup by following us on socials! (IG/FB/Twitter)