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Sleater-Kinney Perform Songs From Path of Wellness on New Live EP

A few weeks ago, Sleater-Kinney released their latest album, Path of Wellness. On Thursday, Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker unveiled Live At The Hallowed Halls, a four-track Amazon Original EP of songs recorded live at the album’s namesake recording studio in Portland. All of the songs come from Path of Wellness.

Live At The Hallowed Halls is available to stream and buy only on Amazon Music; live videos of each song can be accessed in the Amazon Music App. The EP features live versions of “High In The Grass,” “Worry With You,” “Method,” and the title track of Path of Wellness. Listen below.

The recordings were first debuted and performed live on Path of Wellness with Charles Hewett, which streamed on Amazon Music’s Twitch Channel on June 10. Interspersed throughout the live performance are interview segments from the band members, and singers/guitarists Tucker and Brownstein’s fathers.

Watch the performance below.



Sleater-Kinney will also be co-headlining the It’s Time tour with Wilco, which kicks off August 5th in Spokane, pinballing through major cities New York, Boston and Philadelphia before its end date in Chicago on August 28th. Tickets are available now at Sleater-Kinney’s site.

Check out the tracklisting below.

1. Path of Wellness (Live At The Hallowed Halls) [Amazon Original]
2. Method (Live At The Hallowed Halls) [Amazon Original]
3. High In The Grass (Live At The Hallowed Halls) [Amazon Original]
4. Worry With You (Live At The Hallowed Halls) [Amazon Original]