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Ponderosa Films and Armory Films Teams Up with Encore Drive-in Nights for an Epic, Outdoor Music Extravaganza

Christopher Lemole and Tim Zarajos know movies, which is why, almost a decade ago, they started Armory Films – a film finance and production company. Since the company’s inception, the duo has racked-up a reputable number of lauded creations, including the popular and profitable Peanut Butter Falcon, a unique and much-needed twist on the tired feel-good film. Now, in conjunction with Ponderosa Films and Encore Drive-In Nights, Lemole and Zarajos are trying their hand at music – live broadcasted concerts, to be exact.

“We think the model is super interesting; it serves a customer base that a lot of times doesn’t get served because fans might live too far from a particular venue. And, of course, we’re still coming out of a pandemic that hasn’t allowed people to attend concerts, so it’s a unique opportunity to get out and be around people in a safe way that still lets fans see a great show. We’re definitely all excited about the world re-opening and this is a fun way to jump start that. What’s more, with this model, fans will be able to see their favorite performers without having to drive an hour each way and pay the parking and stadium fees.”

The COVID-era concert creation that is Encore Drive-In Nights premiered last year with drive-in concerts with Garth Brooks, Metallica, Blake Shelton and Kane Brown. This May, Encore kicked off its 2021 season with rock & roll royalty Bon Jovi vibrating the airwaves, and the innovative company plans to continue rolling out the shows, long after the pandemic has made its overdue exit.

For the second installment this season, Drive-In Encore Nights, Ponderosa Films and Armory Films thought it only appropriate to keep the outrageous momentum going: Equipped with their eccentric ensemble and eclectic catalog, the dynamic country duo Florida Georgia Line will be headlining the event. And to make matters more exciting, Midwest rapper Nelly and athlete-turned-country music heartthrob Chase Rice will also be gracing the stage. When will this epic extravaganza take place, you ask? Mark your calendars for this Saturday, June 12. The show will be broadcast at drive-in theaters and cinemas all across North America.

“We had never seen Florida Georgia Line in concert before, and when we did, we were just blown away. To be honest, we were wondering if, without a crowd – because you know how much energy the artists can get from the crowd – they were going to be able to deliver. We truly asked ourselves, ‘Can they do it?’ And holy shit, did they ever. We were fans when we arrived and super fans when we left. Fans are going to love the show they see this weekend!”

Luckily, Ponderosa Films, Armory Films and Encore Drive-In Nights have devised a plan to keep concerts not only safe and accessible but inimitable. Rather than continuing to solely broadcast their star-studded shows from typical venues, a number of concerts will now come to fans from a sprawling ranch called Yellowstone, a setting the Ponderosa Films and Armory Films crews often uses to shoot TV shows and movies.

“Speaking to the beauty of Yellowstone, specifically, it’s majestic. The town is incredible. The backdrop is some of the most gorgeous and natural in the country. It’s truly unique and special. Fans will be out in nature in this beautiful place with great music. It’s not a typical stadium feeling, it’s something totally different and totally new, not only for those watching and those in attendance, but for the band also. The dream is to have this be a tour stop for every big touring band. Something like ‘Live at Yellowstone’ that will consist of a small, intimate audience and the rest will be broadcast to those who can’t make it.”

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