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Lenny Kravitz Returns With ‘Raise Vibration’ Video

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz presents a slightly psychedelic, cinematic music video for “Raise Vibration,” the title track to his 2018 LP. He sings on massive coastal rock formations in The Bahamas armed with mic, amp, guitar as mirror effects and inverted color filters psyche out the sights.

Watch it below.



About the video, Kravitz says, “This song is very special to me. It’s all about hope, banding together, and remaining fearless in the pursuit of your passion and purpose. Mark and I hold this message close to heart. We wanted to celebrate the beauty of the Bahamas in the video and try to capture the spirit of inspiration synonymous with the islands. It’s something I want to share once I get back on the road.”

Kravitz expatriated to the Bahamas as soon as the pandemic descended and has been living there since, writing, and apparently shooting music videos on its beaches. But he’s not only writing and recording songs on the idyllic islands.

Last year, we spoke with Kravitz about his lengthy career and his memoir, Let Love Rule. You can check out that interview here. Also last year, in a heartwarming moment, Kravitz and Nate Smith gifted budding musician Nandi Bushell a drumkit.