Fucked Up to Release 10th Anniversary David Comes To Life Vinyl, Plus ‘The Truest Road’ Rarity

Toronto punk band Fucked Up is celebrating their concept album David Comes To Life with a limited-edition two-LP reissue on lightbulb-yellow vinyl.

Out via Matador Records on Dec. 10, the collection will revisit a set of songs that splayed freely into unexpected instrumentation, psychedelic drift, and situationist philosophy.

Additionally, “The Truest Road,” pulled from a rarities LP that will be announced later this year. Check out “The Truest Road” here.

The compilation David’s Town – a companion to David Comes to Life, previously available only on vinyl – has also been made available on streaming for the first time ever.

Pre-order of the special edition is available here.

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Check out the David Comes To Life limited-edition two-LP tracklist below.

1. Let Her Rest

2. Queen of Hearts
3. Under My Nose
4. The Other Shoe
5. Turn the Season
6. Running on Nothing
7. Remember My Name
8. A Slanted Tone
9. Serve Me Right
10. Truth I Know
11. Life in Paper
12. Ship of Fools
13. A Little Death
14. I Was There
15. Inside a Frame
16. The Recursive Girls
17. One More Night
18. Lights Go Up


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