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Car Seat Headrest Cover Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie and More on Covers EP

Car Seat Headrest

Car Seat Headrest are dropping not one but two digital-only EPs today – MADLO: Influences and MADLO: Remixes. The former consists of four covers of songs the band has cited as influences of their last full-length LP Making a Door Less Open, released last month. They include songs by David Bowie, The Who, Nine Inch Nails, and Kate Bush.

The latter EP announced, MADLO: Remixes, contains five remixes of songs from MADLO, featuring reworks from Superorganism, 1 Trait Danger, Scuba, yeule, and Dntel.

Both of the EPs’ cover art display the cover of MADLO poised in impressionistic paintings – one on a chair, the other awkwardly in a bathroom sink.

1 Trait Danger is a Car Seat Headrest electronic side project comprised of drummer Andrew Ketz and frontman Will Toledo’s alter-personage, Trait. Their zany LP, 1 Trait Bangers, was released in March.

Listen to the EPs below.