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A Day in the Life of...

A Day in the Life of…Grace Weber

Four years after her Grammy win for penning Chance the Rapper’s “All We Got” (featuring Kanye West and the Chicago Children’s Choir), singer, songwriter and producer Grace Weber’s debut solo album A Beautiful Space (June 11) showcases a powerful independent artist with a sound so poignant it shatters the stratosphere. After parting ways with Capitol at the end of 2019, Grace found her voice. Even her album cover—inspired by The Wizard of Oz—projects an artist who’s at peace and strength, though unlike Dorothy, she’s not lazing amongst the poppies, she’s acknowledging it’s her moment to honor us with her brilliant and gifted light.

“Making this album, I decided that I would let it take us on a journey, instead of trying to force anything,” she says. “I’d love for people to come away feeling like they’ve been taken on a journey too, whatever that might mean for them. Hopefully it’ll help them uncover deeper parts of themselves that they maybe hadn’t understood before — all the little contradictions that make us the complicated and beautiful people we are.”

Here’s a day in the life of Grace Weber.



Date June 10, 2021

Time I woke up 9 a.m.

Every day starts with Coffee and a Peloton ride!!

Breakfast consists of Cereal or egg sandwich with avocado and toast!!

To get going I always Get an iced oat milk latte and listen to music.

I don’t feel dressed without My jean jacket.

Before I start working I must Cuddle with my kitties.

Currently working on RELEASING MY DEBUT ALBUM!!! [A Beautiful Space, June 11]

But I’d really love to be ON TOUR!!

Book I’m reading The Power of Not Knowing by Jamie Holmes

I don’t know how anyone ever Posts more than once a day on social media.

If I had to play one album on repeat, it would be Blonde by Frank Ocean.

The perfect midday consists of Getting lunch with my husband.

To help get through the day I need Espresso!!! And checking in with my friends.

Not a day goes by without speaking to Dak.

My daydreams consist of Being on a world tour, singing to sold-out audiences.

In a perfect day, in a perfect world I’d be with my family, and friends, in Wisconsin, hanging by the lake.

I’ll always fight for People being seen for who they are.



Currently in love with Dane.

Hoping to make time to watch The new season of The Handmaid’s Tale.

By my bedside I always have A salt lamp.

To help get through the night I Cuddle with Dane.

Bedtime Midnight.

When I think about tomorrow, it’s always Gratitude and curiosity for what’s to come!!!