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Pearl Jam Unveil New Live Archives Site

Pearl Jam Gigaton

Since 2000, Pearl Jam have released almost every show they performed, with a handful of notable ones not included. In case you can’t find that scratched old official bootleg CD from 2000 or didn’t pull the trigger quick enough to download or order a CD in 2003 and so on, now you’re in luck.

The band unveiled Deep, a new hub site where all of the recordings will be held, which includes over 200 shows and a whopping 5,404 songs performed in that time. Of course, that time includes the 2000 Binaural tour, 2003’s Riot Act tour, the short 2008 run and the Lightning Bolt tour from 2013.

If revisiting your favorite PJ show from those tours isn’t enough, there’s Custom Setlist Generator where you can choose your own show (and adventure) on the site. Taking things a step further for super fans, if you include your name and birthday, you can receive a custom streamable playlist and setlist graphic generated in Eddie Vedder’s handwriting for sharing across your social media.

There are additional playlists that include “Best of” Tours, “Covers,” “Know Your Rights” (a politically charged playlist taken from the Clash song that Pearl Jam covered over the years) and many more.

Check it out here and here.

As for the band, we spoke with guitarist Mike McCready last month about the band’s plans and if there’s any new music in the works. You can check that out here.