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Mudhoney to Release 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge

Just over a month after becoming the official name of Seattle’s newest tunnel boring machine, Mudhoney is back with a very different kind of announcement.

The grunge pioneers are releasing a remastered deluxe edition of Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge to celebrate the album’s 30th anniversary this July. The 29-track (really, they couldn’t find one more?) release will feature B-sides, alternate versions, and demos in addition to remastered versions of the original songs.

The announcement came alongside a video release of classic concert footage for the remastered version of “Ounce of Deception.” Check out the new (old) video below.



And see below for the full track list.

Generation Genocide (Remastered)
Let It Slide (Remastered)
Good Enough (Remastered)
Something So Clear (Remastered)
Thorn (Remastered)
Into the Drink (Remastered)
Broken Hands (Remastered)
Who You Drivin’ Now? (Remastered)
Move Out (Remastered)
Shoot the Moon (Remastered)
Fuzzgun ’91 (Remastered)
Pokin’ Around (Remastered)
Don’t Fade IV (Remastered)
Check-Out Time (Remastered)
March to Fuzz (Remastered)
Ounce of Deception (Remastered)
Paperback Life (alternate version) (Remastered)
Fuzzbuster (Remastered)
Bushpusher Man (Remastered)
Flowers for Industry (Remastered)
Thorn (1st attempt) (Remastered)
Overblown (Remastered)
March From Fuzz (Remastered)
You’re Gone (Remastered)
Something So Clear (24-track demo) (Remastered)
Bushpusher Man (24-track demo) (Remastered)
Pokin’ Around (24-track demo) (Remastered)
Check-Out Time (24-track demo) (Remastered)
Generation Genocide (24-track demo) (Remastered