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Watch Dave Grohl Have Fun Co-Hosting The Tonight Show

The multi-talented and always busy Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl added  “co-host” to his resume when he co-hosted  The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Monday. In front of a live studio audience, Grohl helped with all the customary hosting duties, including the opening monologue, the interviews, the sketches and even performed a couple of musical numbers.

Fallon and Grohl went head to head on the “Off Songs Song Off” challenge — where it took Grohl an uncomfortably long time to recognize the Nirvana song “Lithium.”

The pair also recreated the Rick Astley “Rick Roll” meme as the Grohl Roll during a live performance of “The Best of You,” where he was joined by Fallon and the two traded screamed “the best!’ at each other.

Watch the pair play below.

The opening monologue, times two, can be seen below.

Grohl not only helped host the show, but he was also the first guest who was interviewed. And after his time in a chair across from Fallon, he returned behind the desk to interview Lil Nas X.



Watch Grohl and Fallon try to figure out twisted versions of hit songs, below… and dance poorly to AC/DC.

Check out more of the action below.