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Josh Klinghoffer’s Pluralone to Unveil Earth Day EP

When we spoke to Josh Klinghoffer last year after he departed the Red Hot Chili Peppers, he told us he had many other individual projects he was working on — and he wasn’t kidding. Last July saw him (under the moniker Pluralone) release a single featuring tunes that he recorded with former bandmate Flea and fellow ex-Chili Pepper Jack Irons, along with a song from another LP. Earlier this year, he released a Dot Hacker single. And now, he’s back as Pluralone with an EP set for release in time for Earth Day.

Aptly titled Mother Nature, the EP includes two new versions of “Mother Nature” (a track from the last album) along with four unreleased B-sides.

“If someone said, ‘Mother Nature, thoughts?’ there are a few preposterous things that would come to mind,” Klinghoffer told SPIN. “One is how many people out there don’t take the damage we’re doing to our planet seriously. Another is that there are men out there (on that planet) who have abused women on trains. And the third, which explains the second, is that I have a song called ‘Mother Nature’ whose lyrics touch on both topics, and I’ve recorded it three times! One is on the album I put out last year, and two of them are being released on Earth Day on a digital EP of the same name. I got together with two different groups of friends and re-recorded versions of it for fun. Life can be preposterous, but music is fun.”

Listen to a new version of “Mother Nature” below.