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Stone Roses Singer Ian Brown Says Spotify Removed His Anti-Lockdown Song to ‘Censor’ Him

DUBLIN, IRELAND - JULY 09: Ian Brown of The Stone Roses performs at Marlay Park on July 9, 2016 in Dublin, Ireland. (Photo by Kieran Frost/Redferns)

Ian Brown is at it again. The former Stone Roses frontman has been outspoken about his thoughts on the pandemic that he wrote an anti-lockdown song last year called “Little Seed Big Tree,” and now he’s accusing Spotify of removing the track as an act of censorship.

“SPOTiFY stream the streams and censor artists like they have with my last song TOOK IT DOWN just put it down the memory hole!” he tweeted. “FREE EXPRESSiON AS REVOLUTiON”

For anyone who hasn’t heard it, the song features lyrics like: “A sonic lockdown, state shakedown, a mass breakdown / Put your muzzle on, get back in your basket / Get behind your doors cos living here is drastic.”


Earlier this month, Brown declined his headlining gig at the Neighbourhood Weekender festival due to its mandatory vaccination policy. The move came after a week after the singer declared he would “NEVER EVER” perform a show that required its audience to be vaccinated.

Back in September, Brown suggested that the world’s response to COVID-19 is a “plandemic planned designed and executed to make us digital slaves.” A few weeks later, he doubled down on that stance and referred to the coronavirus as “the common cold. If COViD has been isolated why would the OXFORD vax research use a coronavirus from a Chimpanzee?” he wrote at the time. “Has COViD 19 been isolated? Coronavirus is the common cold here since the dawn of time never to be eradicated”