St. Vincent Initially Aimed for a Tool-Like Heaviness for Her Latest Record

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 28: St. Vincent performs onstage during the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards "Let's Go Crazy" The GRAMMY Salute To Prince on January 28, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

Last week, St. Vincent announced that she is going to released her new album, Daddy’s Home in May. In a new interview, Annie Clark recently revealed that the initial sonic goal for her most recent record was to create a super-heavy album. “Just heavy the whole time — like, ‘Hey kids, you like Tool? Well, you’ll love the St. Vincent record,’ you know?”

That said, Clark found she had “nothing to say there” after working in that direction for a bit, and the ultimate result was Daddy’s Home, self-described as “music made in New York from 1971-76.” The LP drops May 14.

In a wide-ranging interview with RADIO.COM’s New Arrivals with Bryce Segall program, Clark shared those insights, as well as noting that she ultimately  found a “direction that feels free and fun and fresh and a lot of other ‘f’ words.”

To get there, she said, it was, “‘Let me go back to the music I’ve listened to more than anything else: stuff made in New York in the ’70s from ’71-76.’ Post-flower child, pre-disco, pre-punk, and just sit in that space for a little bit,'” the singer-guitarist explained.

Despite those initial intentions, the muse won out. “The crazy thing about music is, you can plan and plan and think you’re gonna go one way, and then you start writing and the music just takes you wherever the music takes you,” she explained. “That was certainly the experience with this. I was dead set in my mind that after MASSEDUCTION.”

However, Tool fans, don’t lose hope.

On Instagram, she previously shared a video of her acoustic take on Tool’s “Forty Six & 2” during a pre-show warm-up in her dressing room. And later in her interview with Segall, Clarke said, “For fans who may be selfishly hoping to hear something like that Tool record… we’ll get there, don’t worry.”


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