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SPIN Daybreaker: 22 Songs to Escape From It All

It’s Friday, which means the best day of our week has arrived. We hope you’re ready for this weekend’s musical destination: Indie Dreamland. Daybreaker is sliding in with some of the most soulful, playful, and emotionally captivating tracks that will flawlessly soundtrack your own coming-of-age story. This group of artists are the ultimate genre-benders. Their talent for fusing multiple elements of all genres has led them to reach an individual sound that is hard to match.

Standouts include Danish singer-songwriter Erika De Casier who brings a unique blend of electro-acoustic elements on “Drama.” Southern California-native producer/vocalist, ap eightyone who captures attention with his minimally expansive sound on “Pressure,” and DESTIN CONRAD who showcases his versatile R&B production in “FRAUD” which features R&B singer Ambré. Indulge in all of the melodical indie rock, soul, electronic and acoustic ear candy this bunch has to offer.

There is much to explore in this week’s roundup and much more to love. What are you waiting for? As always, sit back, relax, and discover with SPIN Daybreaker. Keep up with all new artists and let us know who you would like to be featured in our weekly roundup by following us on socials! (IG/FB/Twitter)