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Grammy-Nominated DJ Kaskade Explains Why He’s Performing in Fortnite Tonight

If normal live-streamed performances haven’t been enough for you during the COVID era, Epic Games are back with another big addition to their Fortnite Party Royale series. As previously announced on Monday, Grammy-nominated DJ Kaskade is the latest artist to be featured within the massive video game, headlining tonight’s event at 8pm ET.

As those who remember Travis Scott’s larger-than-life performance and J Balvin’s Halloween concert already know, the Fortnite concert experiences are nothing to scoff at thanks to Epic’s use of XR technology and special effects that would make most festival producers jealous. For Kaskade, the gaming titans are sending him into the world of car-based soccer title Rocket League, where the Chicago native will be able to drive the digital automobiles, travel between massive stadiums, and show off a host of neon-themed visuals while promoting his new EP, Reset.

“There’s definitely a certain energy attached to music in video games, but it’s similar to the energy you feel at a festival,” Kaskade told SPIN via email. “I was right at home in my creative process and I wanted to encapsulate those fast-paced highs and lows through the tracks on the EP. Each song has a different mood that you might associate with scoring a goal in Rocket League or busting a move on the dance floor. I’m stoked to take Reset on tour with me and have it live in both worlds.”

The DJ’s latest work is technically a part of Rocket League‘s second in-game season, which makes the collaboration all the more fitting. Combined with the efforts of Monstercat (the indie Canadian label that released Reset), Kaskade believes his new role in the world of gaming soundtracks is opening up some new opportunities for him.

“One of the coolest experiences working with Epic Games and Monstercat over the past few months has been seeing the response,” Kaskade said. “There are a lot of new fans discovering my music through the game, but also people who have listened to me for more than a decade that are reaching out to say how much they like the new EP. Gaming and music go hand-in-hand, so whether you’re a gamer or a music fan, I encourage you to come and experience this concert. After a year of not being able to connect in-person, this is one of the best ways I’ve found that we can recreate that magical feeling.”

The concert will be available live at 8pm ET tonight (March 26) through Fortnite‘s Party Royale mode as well as the Houseparty app. It will also re-broadcast at 9am ET and 2pm ET tomorrow (March 27) for those who can’t make the live performance.