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Watch the Director’s Cut of Phife Dawg’s ‘Nutshell PART 2’

Phife Dawg Busta Rhymes and Redman
Photo by: Karl Ferguson Jr. (

Back in February, Phife Dawg‘s estate released a new version of “Nutshell PART 2,” a song that was originally released in 2016 that featured none other than Busta Rhymes and Redman. The track hails from Forever, the upcoming posthumous album from Phife.

A video came along with that release, and now there’s an even longer director’s cut of the clip available. In it, a meeting that starts off at a label with an HR rep who can’t get the rappers’ names [and features some special guests, like Peter Rosenberg] right before moving to a diner and, well, you can see it all below.


“It was the last day I got to hang with Phife,” Peter Rosenberg says of the video. “So grateful that he thought of me and would include me in anything, but even more grateful I got to kick it with him one more time.”

“Phife, DJ Rasta Root, and I brainstormed ideas for ‘Nutshell PART 2,’ and contrasting three legends with something as mundane as an HR meeting made us all laugh,” director Tony Reames adds. “Peter Rosenberg was kind enough to make a cameo, and once we got Redman involved, we filmed enough for a whole movie.  This version was our way of celebrating everything great about hip-hop, from the music, to the lyrics, to the skits.”

Phife’s family spoke glowingly about how despite his health struggles, that he was able to still create and write music until the end.

When I think of Phife Dawg the hip-hop artist and the man, abundant joy comes to my heart. As a fellow artist and his mother, I am in awe of how he made it through his health struggles, and still reached his life goals. I cannot think of anyone I am more proud of,” Cheryl Boyce-Taylor said of her son.

Walt Taylor, Phife’s father, added that his son behind an undeniable legacy.

“Malik’s spirit will always be with me via the Holy Spirit. His legacy continues through his music and the love he always had for his fans and family. He’s a Blessing to my soul,” Taylor said.