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A Day in the Life of...

A Day in the Life of…Whitney McClain

After growing up singing in choirs and landing at the University of Texas for college, R&B/pop singer-songwriter Whitney McClain reached out to her uncle Marlon “The Magician” McClain, of the ‘70s funk/soul band Pleasure, to help her ease into the industry. One listen to her ultra-powerful, soulful voice and you’ll know exactly why her career is taking off like a rocket.

Her single “Top Spot” is an upbeat pop anthem for the ages with a valuable message: Forget about the haters, hold onto your dreams.

“People may sleep on your talent but with a little faith, hard work and God, all things are possible,” she says. She describes the music video as “a portrayal of the things that many others in the industry and I do to make it to the top: vocal lessons, dance rehearsals, personal training and the grand finale of the big show.”

Here’s a day in the life of Whitney McClain.



Date February 22, 2021

Time I woke up 7:00 a.m.

Every day starts with Reading the verse of the day on my Bible app and getting coffee.

Breakfast consists of Usually coffee.

To get going I always Drink my coffee.

I don’t feel dressed without A good wig.

Before I start working I must Pray and organize my thoughts.

Currently working on New music and personal growth.

But I’d really love to be Traveling and exploring the world.

Book I’m reading The Bible.

I don’t know how anyone ever Sleeps without socks on.

If I had to play one album on repeat, it would be Frank by Amy Winehouse.

The perfect midday consists of Exploring L.A. eating some delicious food and going shopping.

To help get through the day I need I probably need to pray and eat some food.

Not a day goes by without speaking to My Mom, my fiancé, or my dog.

My daydreams consist of Being a rich housewife and traveling the world.

In a perfect day, in a perfect world There would be no drama.

I’ll always fight for The truth.

Currently in love with Açaí bowls from Kreation Juicery.


A Day in the Life of…Whitney McClain


Hoping to make time to watch Good Girls or 90 Day Fiancé.

By my bedside I always have Water, a journal, and my glasses.

To help get through the night I play food reviews on YouTube to fall asleep.

Bedtime 10:00/11:00-ish.

When I think about tomorrow, it’s always It’s a new day!