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Thom Yorke Pays Tribute to ‘Massive Inspiration’ MF DOOM

After news broke of MF DOOM’s passing on Thursday, tributes came pouring in. On Saturday, Thom Yorke paid his respects via Twitter. “I am so sad to hear MF Doom’s passing,” he wrote. “He was a massive inspiration to so many of us, changed things.. for me the way he put words was often shocking in it’s genius, using stream of consciousness in a way i’d never heard before …”

In the post, Yorke linked to his remix of DOOM’s “Gazillion Ear,” which was a bonus track on what would end up being the rapper’s final solo album, 2009’s Born Like This. The Radiohead frontman and his bandmate Jonny Greenwood were also featured on the  2012 DOOM and Jneiro Jarel track “Retarded Fren.”

See Yorke’s tribute below.

DOOM (real name Daniel Dumile) died on Oct. 31 at the age of 49, his wife Jasmine confirmed on Dec. 31.

“The greatest husband, father, teacher, student, business partner, lover and friend I could ever ask for,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “Thank you for all the things you have shown, taught and given to me, our children and our family. Thank you for teaching me how to forgive beings and give another chance, not to be so quick to judge and write off. Thank you for showing how not to be afraid to love and be the best person I could ever be. My world will never be the same without you. Words will never express what you and Malachi mean to me, I love both and adore you always. May THE ALL continue to bless you, our family and the planet.”