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System Of A Down’s John Dolmayan Criticizes Trump Mob Storming Capitol

John Dolmayan, drummer of the band System of a Down, in concert at Firenze Rocks Festival. Florence, Italy. 25th June 2017 (Photo by Francesco Castaldo/Archivio Francesco Castaldo/Mondadori via Getty Images)

System of a Down‘s John Dolmayan has been outspoken about his support of Trump and dislike of liberals; however, he was not impressed by the way others decided to protest the election results by violently storming the Capitol on Jan. 6.

“A rally, a protest , a movement , a debate , or any activism of any kind should be and can be conducted peacefully,” the drummer wrote on Instagram alongside a “Save America March” invitation. “There are those who’s [sic] goal it is to create a civil war of thought in this country and the polarization experienced in the last year has proven it. Our country is in need of sensible debate and a greater understanding of opposing views. Unfortunately I see a greater divide in the future and less acceptance of alternative thinking. Simply reading some of the comments below will show this .”

Dolmayan then revealed that he plans to take the high road when Joe Biden takes office on Jan. 20. “If Biden is in fact president I wish his presidency the best and will support the country in anyway I can , as an American that’s my responsibility and as a conservative that’s just my ideology,” he concluded his message.

Dolmayan and SOAD singer Serj Tankian have undoubtedly butted heads when it comes to politics, but they were able to see the larger picture and released new music for the first time in 15 years late last year in an effort to raise awareness about the current conflict between Artsakh and Azerbaijan and raise money for the Armenia Fund.