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SPIN Daybreaker: 14 Songs to Soundtrack Your Life

Once again, another seven days has somehow passed by. Another cycle to experience life’s spontaneity and ruminate about who we are and being unapologetic about it. This week, Daybreaker is back with a roundup of international artists who represent a collective that is pushing the boundaries of cultural standards. They express themselves proudly, unafraid of speaking their truth and coloring the world as they see fit.

Discover the best rising artists traversing the indie alt, pop, rock, funk, and acoustic soundscapes. Standouts this week include a unique mixture of Latin, European, and Americana influences. Starting with singer-songwriter standout Jensen McRae who delicately brings us into her honest mind and lyrically rejoices in “Immune,” while Norwegian indie rock band, Kakkmaddafakka, drops an infectious track sure to make you feel alive in “Ride.” Rounding up this spotlight is Columbian raised pop princess Elsa y Elmar who brings us back a-la-discoteca with her dance remix of Elliot Moss’s “Bodyintoshapes.”

Laugh, cry, dance, and dream into the weekend and be proud of yourself for who you are and all you accomplished this week. You did the damn thing. As always, keep discovering with SPIN Daybreaker and don’t forget to follow us on our socials (IG/FB/Twitter) to keep up with all the latest rising artists.