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The Killers Release Deluxe Edition of Imploding The Mirage Featuring Three New Tracks

The Killers 2019
The Killers (Photo: Stephen J. Cohen / Getty Images)

The Killers wasted no time getting on top of New Music Friday this week, surprise releasing a new deluxe edition of Imploding The Mirage featuring a trio of new tunes (or at least new versions of tunes).

The deluxe release includes the brand new original “C’est La Vie” as well as live and stripped-down performances of “Caution” and “Blowback.” Of course, it’s not exactly the new music fans had been hoping for from the band, seeing as they’ve been teasing a follow-up to last year’s album recently, but any new tracks from Brandon Flowers and his crew are a welcome sight at this point.

As we said back in August when Imploding The Mirage first released, the Killers’ latest work takes their grandiose arena rock sound and expands upon it even further. While the more intimate sound of the new spin on the two pre-existing tracks may put a slight variance on that, “C’est La Vie” provides a different, yet familiar, tone for the band. It’s impactful and undeniably inspiring, with a certain air of hope and relief about it that the band has done so well since Hot Fuss.

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Check out the album below.