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Jenny Lewis and Serengeti Release Latest Collaboration, ‘Vroom Vroom’

For fans of last month’s Jenny Lewis and Serengeti team-up for “Unblu,” the dynamic duo are back with another (very different) track. Although “Vroom Vroom” stays with a bit of the slower-paced, relaxing vibe of their original collaboration, it goes in an entirely new way with its retro-futuristic pop sound. It sounds less like floating through the clouds and more like taking a late-night trip to a diner because you can’t sleep (you know, back in the pre-COVID days when it was safe to do such things).

Much like the duo’s first track, “Vroom Vroom” features a phone-shot video directed by Lewis. Although this one features decidedly fewer bouncing balls than its predecessor, it’s a good reminder that our favorite musicians are stuck at home with their phones a lot of the time, just like the rest of us.

Check out the new video for “Vroom Vroom” below.

Perhaps the most enlightening thing about the new track is that it means “Unblu” wasn’t just a one-off and that we could potentially see more material from the duo. A new album would be the first from Lewis in over two years and a sequel to one of our favorite albums of last year from Serengeti.