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Descendents Bid President Trump Farewell on ‘That’s the Breaks’

Never ones to hide their political leanings, Descendents took aim at outgoing President Trump on their new song, “That’s The Breaks,” which they dedicate to the person they call a “Loser. Big time loser. Delusional loser. SORE loser.”

A statement by vocalist Milo Aukerman added, “The time has come. The time is now. Just go, go, GO. I don’t care how. Donald J. Trump, will you please go now!”

The track follows the politically-charged two-song single “Suffrage,” released ahead of the 2020 general election encouraging voting to take down the Trump administration.

Aukerman just doesn’t want Trump to leave office. “I mean crawl back into your hole of hate and live out the rest of your life as a nobody. A loser. Because that’s what you are. Worst. President. Ever.”

Giving credence to the frontman’s words, on Jan. 13, Trump became the only president to be impeached twice.

See how the Descendents really feel, below.

We spoke to Aukerman last year about his ukulele-infused three-song single. “I hope it helps people come to their senses,” he told us at the time. “I originally wrote them because it was on my mind and I had this shit I needed to get off of my chest. And then after having written it, I thought these songs could maybe be put out there and maybe do some good. Maybe they could give people something to hang their frustrations on.”